Do You want to change your home?


Do You want to change your home?


Spring cleaning package will be offered at 50% discount for those who opt for painting of the full house.

Vanília-Zs Ltd.


We Guarantee:

  • Spring cleaning package will be offered at 50% discount for those who opt for painting of the full house.
  • We use only high quality Paints materials to ensure quality levels are maintained.
  • We will stick to the time frame committed by us.
  • We can offer a complete package – including tiles and cheramics change, carpentry repairs along with painting.
  • We will ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned once the painting job is done.

The process involved in painting services.

The painting team will meticulously scrub the walls before giving a coat of fresh paint. Vanília-Zs supervisor will provide you with the color shade cards to enable you to choose the exact colors you may want to use for different parts of the house.

We use various painting techniques to create interesting visual textures on a smooth surface. Kitchen, dining hall, drawing room, bed room and children's room can be painted using different themes and colours depending upon your wish to create a different atmosphere and ambience in each room.

Vanília Zs assures the following with regard to Painting jobs undertaken:

  • Getting skilled labour for the painting jobs.
  • Consulting with customers regarding the choice and combination of colours for walls, windows, doors etc.
  • Provide consulting service about the right type of materials to be used for various areas of the house.
  • Completing of jobs on time, as agreed by us.
  • In case customers are not available for inspection (as in the case of N.R.I’s), we will send by mail photos showing the progress of the work at different stages.
  • We will clean the entire painted areas / rooms, free of cost,

The Painting team under takes the following works: Wall painting - Interior & exterior

  • Wall painting - Interior & exterior. Painting house ceiling, compound walls, doors, windows, grills, gate etc.
  • We also undertake polishing / varnishing of wooden furniture,
  • Including melamine coat for wooden doors, windows, cabinets or any other type of wooden items.


Half Price Painting

Freshen up your interior rooms with this fantastic decorating deal!



Fine Print:


  • The condition of the wall may need a consultation in place before any work can commence, please bear this in mind when booking
  • To have the 50% discount:
    1. You should buy only one coupon at fix price and
    2. You will get a discount code (card),
    3. Send this code/card on e-mail to the e-mail address of the our company,
    4. By pfone or by e-mail please arange a meeting with the supervisor of oua Company.
    5. Our supervisor is going to go and consultate with You at your place abouth the work.He is going to calculate the price of the work.And with the voucher you are going to have 50% discount of this price.
  • Excludes wallpaper hanging
  • Excludes plastering
  • Vouchers valid until
  • All bookings must be made by
  • Customers must advise the Dulux colour code from B&Q before any work can commence 


  • Buy as many vouchers as you require for any size job
  • Internal painting includes all walls, doors, skirtings, ceiling, coving & windows

. To give some idea of the number of vouchers you may need to purchase depending on the size of the job, below are some examples of costs and timeframes:

3-Bedroomed Bungalow,  was 1,200 Euros NOW 600 Euros(5-7 working days to complete)

3-Bedroomed 2-Storey House, was 1,500 Euros NOW 750 uros (5-7 working days to complete)

1 15 m2 territory room has around 60 m2 wallsqer,tehe normal price 120 Euros but Now with 50% discount only 60 Euros!

doors and windows was 200 Euros Now 100 Euros(1 working day to complete)


  • good coundition wall / normal price 2 Euros Now 1 Euro./ m2
  • Interior,exterior doors,windows to sanding and painting / normal price 6 Euros /  Now 3 Euros /m2

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